A True Girl Scout

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My name is Victoria Granberg and I am working on my Silver Award for Girl Scouts. I am helping out at the Mount Olive Food Pantry for those in need. Community service is really important in our world – especially now with many single-parent families or families living below the poverty line. Everyone needs to step up and give back to help those less fortunate, and that’s what I’m doing. Because I am a Girl Scout, and that’s what Girl Scouts do. Girl Scouts help others, but you can do the same. I encourage you to give back to your community and make a difference.


Helping out at the Mount Olive Food Pantry is a great way to impact people in need.  Helping others makes me feel good, especially when others are happy.  Giving my time to people in need is what a true Girl Scout does, and I encourage you to do the same.

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